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Zealously Protecting the Freedom of Those Facing Prescription Fraud Charges— Prescription Drug Defense Lawyer

Many people in Arizona and throughout Maricopa County struggle with addiction to prescription drugs and as an act of desperation forge prescriptions to satisfy their addiction.  At the Sullivan Law Office, we recognize that addictions to prescription pain medications often develop during treatment of severe injuries or medical conditions.  While the appropriate approach to coping with the growing prevalence of prescription addiction is drug treatment and rehabilitation, prosecutors are increasingly aggressive in seeking convictions of those who fraudulently obtain prescription medications.

Arizona criminal defense attorney Diane Sullivan brings the experience and expertise of a former prosecutor to defend those who are accused of prescription fraud.  We know that those charged with prescription fraud are often the victim of unfortunate circumstances.  Dianne Sullivan is not here to judge you but to defend you from the serious consequences of a prescription fraud conviction.  Dianne Sullivan uses all of her experience as a prosecutor as well as her understanding of how law enforcement authorities investigate such crimes to develop the most persuasive defense of these serious charges.

It can be very difficult to overcome one's dependency on prescription painkillers like Darvocet, Vicodin or Percocet.  Because the drive of addiction often compels those who are addicted to prescription drugs to falsify scrips, Ms. Sullivan is often able to challenge whether someone accused of prescription fraud had the intent required to commit crime.  Ms. Sullivan often is able to successfully defend those charged with prescription fraud and obtain dismissal of the charges. Where the evidence is overwhelming, we may seek to have you admitted into a drug rehabilitation program and have your convictions set-aside upon successful completion of the program.

These cases may involve forged prescriptions, fake prescriptions or attempts to have a prescription filled at multiple pharmacies.  A conviction for prescription fraud may result in severe penalties including a term in jail or Arizona state prison, probation, staggering fines, mandatory participation in a drug treatment program, driver’s license suspension, community service and a criminal record.

Effective Defense to Arizona Meth Charges

If you have been arrested or charged with prescription fraud in Arizona or anywhere throughout Maricopa County, Dianne Sullivan may be able to challenge the prosecutor’s evidence of intent to obtain a dismissal of the charges or to seek diversion so that you can avoid jail or a permanent criminal record.  Our criminal defense team can handle prescription fraud cases in Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, Goodyear, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale or any court in Maricopa County, Arizona.  We offer a confidential consultation absolutely free so call us today at 480-284-8740. 


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