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When a Moment of Desperation Threatens Your Future—Arizona Forgery Defense Lawyer

When economic times are tough and many people throughout Arizona are out of work and struggling to pay their bills, desperation to provide for the needs of our family can sometimes cloud one's judgment. Experienced criminal defense attorney Diane Sullivan does not believe one moment of desperation or isolated case of poor judgment should adversely impact the rest of your life.  It is hardly surprising in these difficult economic times that we are seeing an increasing number of people charged with forgery, particularly in instances involving bad checks.  A forgery case involving a bad check will typically be based on the allegation that you endorsed were presented a check that was either stolen or counterfeit.

Although this is the most common case of forgery, you may be charged with forgery in Tempe or anywhere throughout Arizona even if no money was involved or affected by the forged document.  Under Arizona law, the prosecutor must establish the following basic facts (called "elements of the crime") beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction for forgery:

  • Falsely change, alter or manufacture any instrument, check or other document.
  • Possess any document that has been falsely changed, altered or manufactured
  • Attempts to present or use such a document

For the prosecutor to convict you of one of these acts of forgery they must establish you have the specific intent to use the instrument or document to defraud another.  While most forgery cases in Arizona involve attempts to obtain money from banks and other financial institutions based on fictitious or doctored checks were other similar financial instruments, the crime can just as easily involve identity theft, such as falsely signing another's name to a credit card application. Any time you falsely sign your name or alter an official document you may expose yourself to potential charges of forgery in Arizona.

A forgery conviction can have a very serious adverse consequence under future.  The penalties for forgery may include incarceration, substantial fines, attending classes, probation and other penalties a forgery conviction is also a matter of public record, which means future employers and landlords will learn that you have it.  A forgery conviction if they run a criminal background check. These types of background checks are becoming more and more common because they are readily obtainable for virtually no cost via the Internet.  A conviction for forgery may also preclude you from certain types of jobs, including jobs that require you to be bonded as well as some that require professional licensing like the legal profession. Arizona criminal defense attorney Diane Sullivan recognizes the enormous impact of forgery conviction can have on your future and works diligently to use her skill and experience as a former successful Maricopa County prosecutor to obtain dismissal of the charges, acquittal after trial or the reduction to a lesser charge that does not carry the same negative impact and stigma.

Our experienced Arizona forgery criminal defense team has handled hundreds of criminal cases throughout Maricopa County, including forgery and other white collar type crimes.  If you are facing charges of forgery in Arizona or elsewhere in Maricopa County, Ms. Sullivan has the experience to carefully analyze the documents in your forgery case to identify the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you.  Mr. Sullivan will develop the strongest possible case so that even if dismissal of the charges is not possible she is negotiating a lesser charge from a position of strength.  Ms. Sullivan is able to obtain diversion for many clients charged with forgery of check and may be able to prevent you from having a criminal record after successfully completing your diversion program.

Experienced Arizona assault defense lawyer Dianne Sullivan can analyze your situation and advise you regarding the best possible strategies for protecting your future.   Ms. Sullivan provides effective criminal and DUI defense, including defending those charged with criminal assault throughout Maricopa County.  Our criminal defense team can handle cases in Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, Goodyear, Glendale, Surprise, Chandler, Scottsdale or any court in Maricopa County, Arizona.  We offer a confidential consultation absolutely free so call us today at 480-284-8740. 


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