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When Domestic Arguments Escalate--Defending Against False Allegations-Arizona Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Many times a simple marital disagreement escalates into a screaming match and sometimes more.  When tempers flare, sometimes things get out of hand, and a bad decision in a moment of anger can have serious adverse long-term consequences on one's life.  A conviction for domestic violence can affect many areas of one's life, including one's marriage, a relationship with a significant other and access to one's children as well as one's freedom and reputation. While domestic abuse is a significant issue, the risk of false allegations can be extremely high because these allegations often arise in the context of divorce or child custody disputes.  They also do not necessarily require any actual physical contact or evidence of such contact.  Domestic violence allegations can be a strategic advantage in a family law matter making these charges prone to misuse. Further, police and prosecutors are under extreme political pressure to take a hard line against those alleged to have committed domestic violence, which may lead to a rush to judgment.

The reality is that if the police are summoned to your house, and domestic violence allegations are made.  Chances are one or both parties will be arrested.  If the party alleging domestic violence is able to show any sort of mark no matter how minor, you may face very serious penalties including potential felony charges.  It is important to keep in mind that domestic violence as defined under Arizona criminal laws is much broader than many people realize. Many presume that a domestic violence conviction in Arizona requires an actual physical attack such as a punch or kick.  In reality, domestic violence can be much broader and include threats, violation of restraining orders or any form of unwanted or offensive touching.  If you are involved in a dispute with your significant other, for example, spitting at the alleged victim may be sufficient to constitute an act of domestic violence.

What makes an offense an act of domestic violence is simply the relationship between the parties.  If you have lived with the complaining witness at some point this is sufficient to make a criminal offense DV-related.  This means you may face a domestic violence related charge based on mere threats or minimal force or physical contact against spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, parent, child, roommate or anyone else with whom you have lived under the same roof.  Domestic violence charges are very serious and can result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction, restraining orders that may prevent you from having access to your spouse, significant other or children, bar to certain types of employment, damage to your personal and professional reputation, participation in a batterer treatment program, community service, probation and other consequences.

There are a substantial number of offenses under Arizona law that may qualify as a domestic violence related offense, including the following:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Simple or aggravated assault
  • Child abuse
  • Stalking
  • Violation of restraining orders

This is but a few examples of the types of criminal offenses that can constitute domestic violence depending upon your relationship with the complaining witness.  Because of the serious consequences of a domestic violence conviction, it is important to seek legal advice from experienced Arizona domestic violence attorney Dianne Sullivan before speaking with the police or prosecutor.

Our knowledgeable team provides zealous criminal defense, including exposure of inappropriate motivations of the complaining witness and developing other effective defenses that vary based on the specific domestic violence related offense that you are facing.  We will work diligently to have the charges against you dismissed or to prepare a persuasive courtroom presentation for trial.  Where this is not possible based on the evidence against you, Ms. Sullivan will aggressively negotiate to obtain a plea agreement that may result in you avoiding incarceration and other serious consequences.

Sullivan Law Offices, PLLC provides diligent and persuasive criminal and DUI defense to those accused of felonies, misdemeanors and DUI/DWI.  Our Phoenix criminal attorneys can handle cases in Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, Goodyear, Glendale, Surprise, Chandler, Scottsdale or any court in Arizona.  We offer a confidential consultation absolutely free so call us today at 480-284-8740 and speak with an experienced Phoenix domestic violence lawyer today.

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